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OK, I was being modest, I know a lot about the subject, and I have left a note on your talk. Rosh-dale or Rokh-dale maybe?? However, it seems to me that while he was connected with Rochdale through his inherited title, he is not mentioned in the Byron article as having lived in Rochdale - at least for any considerable amount of time. I read your history and I was not implying you are a bully I was stating what was clear to me. Regarding external links, explian why you retain the link to the Rochdale Observer website which is completely commercial and yet you remove the link to the Rochdale Online web site, which whilst partly commercial also has ificant non commercial sections that are run by a not for profit community interest company set up to ensure the sites original ideals are always retained?

As Wikipeida is not crawled by search engines there is no advantage to having a link form the site. I made the following changes:. I have sometimes donated to and worked with anti-prostitution charities, and I can't say that I've ever heard Rochdale mentioned as a particular hotbed. I would like to add information in the header section of the above the table of contents linking to the Rochdale Principles. Remember, the is about Rochdale, not RochdaleOnline.

It can be used to spread knowledge about a place or event and be used as a legitimate free educational tool. While "Pickup Street" is certainly in a prostitute "pick up" area, the reference and photograph appear to add little but second-rate humour. Yesterday, walking home, heard woman say to man, "sex is twenty.

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A friend of mine knew him well as and says he lived on Fountain Street, Crumpsall both before and after he was evacuated to Darwen. Is there really any need to give the IPA pronunciation in the first line or at all? I also would not have researched and written about the Rochdale Observer.

Epa11 June UTC. Visit Rochdale and see for yourself. Anyway, that said, I'll try to help improve the article, but it desperately needs some better images, particularly a high quality one for the infobox like that found in the aformentioned articles. However, it says in the article he was either born or bred in Rochdale. A stunning shot of Rochdale could be taken from the appropriately named Fairview on the border between Rochdale and High Crompton Jza24 - Media ownership is a vitally important part of any town's history and its present and I know a little about the subject and hence my contribution.

This is just to support the recent ejection of a poor quality photograph. Have you heard of Hyson Green?

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I have now proivded links to the specific s of the source material on each of the two sites. He certainly died in Rochdale infirmary and was buried in the town but most souces I've found on the web from mainstream newspapers say he was born in either Manchester or more specifically, Crumpsall. I believe this is justified because "Rochdale" is a likely search term for Rochdale Principlesand the rochdale disambiguation lists rochdale principles second from last.

Moreover, at over 72, s and 2. It's not clear that the reference to prostitution distinguishes the town from any other of similar size and, hence, the value of this section is questionable, since the article is about a specific town, not general urban history.

Wathiik15 June UTC. I'm curious to know how people might think Rochdale is pronounced other than how it is. Please be mindful of that distinction. The link to Rochdale Online in this section has been there for many years. Can someone tell me where the idea came from that Don Estelle was born in Rochdale?

I think that some decent references would be needed for such a change. For the last paragraph in that section, how about.

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I have read the guidelines Joshi and I am within them and have tried to compromise to satisfy the subjective opinions of Jza84 and you but you refuse to accept any such compromise, that to me is unreasonable. Richerman20 October UTC. Having aided in developing articles on nearby places to featured article statusI have come to Rochdale the article and have been shocked on the low quality of the prose and images sorry! I'm new, so if this doesn't make sense I would appreciate being pointed to a relevant WP.

Notice this rumour has even been removed from Rochdale Council's own web site, not an organisation noted for anything worthwhile. It generally happens in large places; Doncaster is the only one that seems to have a problem well beyond its size.

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Did he perhaps live in Rochdale in later life - or maybe he had relatives there? Does he have any connection with Rochdale at all, other than the fact that he died and was buried there? Please take a moment to review my edit.

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Since he didn't live there notably, should he really be under notable residents? The Rochdale Observer site gives little useful information in comparison to the Rochdale Online site and in removing the Rochdale Online link and retaining the Rochdale Observer those doing the editing impoverish the quality of local information referenced on the and show thier own motivations to be the ones that are less than honourable. There are some free to use photographs of Rochdale here and here. When you have finished reviewing my changes, please set the checked parameter below to true to let others know.

You shouldn't post such things up without thinking about the consequences. If there is no evidence to support the assertion that he was born in Rochdale the category for the "Don Estelle" article needs to be changed and the reference to him under "Notable people" removed from this article. My heart is in the town and my intent is to record matters of ificance. This should allay any fears you have about my motives. We're usually all here for one goal - the writing of a great encyclopedia.

Rochdale, Heywood and Middleton make up the Borough of Rochdale. With regards to your point on Rochdale as a town, you betray a lack of local knowledge, Milnrow is not a town it is a district of Rochdale.

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Regarding Rochdale Online, self promotion is something we do not major on and hence if you check the you will note a 'no index' meta tag and hence why you will not find the in Google. If you're not good at photography, leave it to someone else. For this reason I disambiguated it to the wider title holder.

Had I the motive you clearly suspect I could quite easily have hidden my identity, I did not. I shall not edit again at the moment as I have no desire to be blocked of multiple edits in 24 hours, but please do rest assured I will not be bullied. I note now that my changes are being removed by Joshii. Can anyone shed light, much better references, on why Special Branch are so big in Rochdale police station, and if maybe this has something to do with Cyril Smith's affiliation to The Mercurius Masonic Lodge, No.

Jahbulon talk15 December UTC. I have just added archive links to one external link on Rochdale. Can you remember if it said when he moved to Rochdale? Some old photos may be of interest even if the quality is poor although perhaps they can be retouched before publicationbut there's no reason to include poor photos of existing buildings. You could almost make it out if it weren't for the trees and the cars parked in front". One web I found from the BBC says he was buried in his "home town" of Rochdale but then goes on to say that he was born in Manchester, so could this be where the confusion has crept in?

Why does the history section stop short of the 20th century?

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The information I am providing is legitimate and hence I shall ensure it is put back. Richerman18 October UTC. Ok, I'll have a look for the book when I get the chance. Can you imagine other encyclopedia's giving your firm preference in such a way? I include that purely to counter you erreneous allegations that I have a commercial motive, I do not.

While you are here

Your change because you are a journalist who owns a media firmsgives Rochdaleonline greater coverage than Governance, Geography, Demography, Economy and other key elements of what Rochdale is about. I note from reading your that you have a long history of conflict due to your habit of unilaterally taking editorial decisions.

Regarding external links.

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As for a clear and reliable source, how much clearer and more reliable do you need than links to the websites how the two media organisations? I accept this is what you want and hence have now done so. Over to you, do we continue this silly waste of valuable time or do you accpet a compromise? I object to your changes, but that's not a green light to get personal. He lived in Crumpsall until at least his early twenties so I would say he was born and bred in Crumpsall and Darwen and lived in Rochdale later.

For such are major and prominent town I expected more! Lord Byron, the famous Romantic poet, is mentioned as a notable resident. This Hitler wanted Rochdale Town Hall's windows is degrading. I have included both the major media organisations in town, the fact that I own one of them is completely irrelevant and should be put to one side.

Rochdale as a town ceased to exist when the Metropolitan Borough was created and hence it is more accurate to give the opoulation figures for the borough as a whole as the vast majority rochdale statistics produced for Rochdale refer to the Borough of Rochdale. Aside from all the logic, AH would have had to say don't bomb Manchester at prostitute, but the German did. Accoring to a google search, there's nothing on Rochdaleonline about what you've added. If you disagree with someone you edit their contribution first rather than seeking to engage in discussion.

It is for the very reason that I am not seeking to promote the site that I did not initially link to this much. Are their any budding photographers that could provide something suitable? Such unilateral action is the action of a bully and IS uncivil.