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See if you can answer some of the questions below with your experiences: What are the good things about being a doctor?

How to write a personal statement when you have no work experience

Insight into the qualities a doctor should possess After observing doctors and other members of the team, you start to pick up on some of the qualities a good doctor should possess, as mentioned above. These questions are easily answered after observing a clinical environment and speaking to some of the staff working there.

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So this is great. For example, whilst at work experience at your GP practice, you may have noticed that they are limited to minute slots to see patients.

Examples of personal statements

Here, we are going to outline 6 key tips that will help to make your personal statement for graduate entry medicine stand out! He then summarised the points, formed a quick plan of action from and effectively delegated roles in an efficient manner. For example, you could talk about the high stress levels that you observed while on work experience.

Also, thinking about and analysing a specific event is often much easier than a general experience over a longer time.

How to include work experience in personal statement?

Thinking personal your work experiences in this context shows that you are aware of the expectations of the modern doctor and that you are personal developing the necessary skills. Dr Ella Quintela is a junior doctor in West Yorkshire.

Commenting on some of these aspects in your personal statement will demonstrate that you have some insight on what life is like as a doctor and shows that you have a realistic understanding about the profession. In this way, everyone was confident in the plan and their roles, leading to the successful treatment of the patient. This is actually a very good question and different people will tell you different things. Whilst that might not be the best thing in all situations, it definitely applies in the case of work experience.

Here are a few examples you could talk about: Leadership Empathy Good communication skills Good teamwork skills Problem-solving The key experience of integrating your work experience is your reflection on it. See if online can answer some of the questions below with your experiences:. If you then go on to talk about how you currently deal with stress in your day-to-day life such as playing a sport or a musical instrument, you are showing that you are aware of a real problem in medicine and equipped to deal with it!

So how do you know what to do and what not to? An admission into medicine is a experience by any. How does a Junior Doctor working at a hospital spend their day? Observations about a career in medicine Think back to your work experience. Upon arriving at the scene, the consultant quickly assessed the situation and called a very quick meeting with everyone present. While it is important to highlight all the positives of a career in medicine in your personal statement, it is also great to talk about some of the harder aspects.

The icing on the cake is then the talk about how you are equipped to statement with these problems. Some people may tell you to dedicate a whole paragraph of your statement just to this, simply listing how much you have done and how long you have done it for.

On one occasion, a serious case suddenly emerged and the whole team was called to action. The key is to find opportunities where it can be used to prove a statement or observation that you make and go from there. Subscribe up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …. Here at theMSAG, we have a clear structure and formula of how to include your work experience in your writing to highlight the skills gained in the best way possible. Think back to your work experience. Fear not, as we are here to discuss the top 10 mistakes students make when approaching their personal statements and how to avoid them.

The key part of integrating your work experience is your reflection on it. What is the training like for online wanting to specialise in surgery or general practice? How do doctors in a GP statement, hospital or care home spend their day? We spoke about a precise time and event to help highlight these transferable skills. Therefore, when it comes to talking about some of the challenges that doctors face, you can first mention the importance of time management in medicine and use this example to further your point.

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Good luck! Funnily enough, this is actually something that many students struggle with.

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This level of reflection and thought shows that you have not just attended the work experience for the sake of being able to tick a box or to have something to write about in your personal statement, but also that you have learned something essential about the profession and what is expected.

We strongly suggest that you implement this, as it helps you to be specific. During a typical work experience placement, you get an insight into the world of medicine through observing:. The personal statement is one of the most crucial parts of your medical school application in the UK that informs the process of whether you will be shortlisted to attend an interview.

And where better to flaunt your hard-earned work experience than in your personal statement?

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Well, this actually shows a great amount of maturity and understanding about the profession and nailing this part of the statement could actually help you stand out from the crowd! Its main purpose is to portray your interest and your suitability to attend medicine - essentially a more creative and individualised CV. Here's how you can take this opportunity to reflect and share the lessons you have learned, and how these provide motivation to pursue a medical degree! Also in Personal Statements.

What you see is what you get… or is it? Yet, as a graduate entrant, the journey has been even longer.

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That is to find out a little bit more about the fast-paced life as a doctor, decide whether you like it enough to commit to it and if you have the makings of a doctor in you. An extra stop or two along the way. This is to say that you have observed something on work experience, e. For more advice on other aspects of the personal statement, check out our blog series on the topic. Within your personal statement, you can use your experiences at placement as an example of your knowledge. What are some of the pressures that doctors face?

What does it show you about what a career in medicine would be like?