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Elsewhere the most important units were the two new battleships completing, the Jean Bart at St. Nazaire and more importantly as she was almost complete, the Richelieuat Brest. For nearly two days the Commander-in-Chief had no definite information till at noon on 22 June when a BB C broadcast announced the ing of a armistice between France and Germany, which was to followed by one between France and Italy.

Brocklebank, RN to proceed to the Canaries to intercept her if she continued to steam to the northward. Meanwhile the Richelieu had put to sea.

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This convoy was formed off Methill on 24 March It arrived in Norwegian waters near Bergen on 27 March McLaughlin, RN. Skipwith, RN. This convoy was formed near Bergen, Norway on 27 March On the 29th, six merchant ships split off from the convoy to proceed to the west coast of the U. This convoy was then dispersed off Cape Wrath. Brittain, RNwhich was the only available ship, and expected to reach Dakar around noon on the 25th. In the morning of the 18th the French troopship Banfora reached Freetown, from Port Bouet, Ivory Coast paris troops on board, and sailed for Dakar kola delay. The final collapse of France naturally exercised an important influence on the dispositions and movements of the South Atlantic forces.

Shortly afterwards she made off the the north yet again. Half an hour later the Richelieu and escorting destroyer Fleuret arrived at Dakar. Petrie, RN sailed from Freetown at 14 knots to show herself off San Carlos on the morning of the 23rd, and thence to anchor of Manoka in the Cameroon River the next day her escort prevented her from reaching Duala. Nazaire for Casablanca on the 19th. This was entirely misleading. All set course for Scapa Flow. The bulk of the convoy arrived safely at Methill on 22 March Knowling, RN arrived at Rosyth after escort duties.

Larcom, RN which departed the Tyne on the 17th. The Lewis gun was manned and the bridge was cleared with the exception of the Commanding Officer and the gun crews. Please use this if you spot mistakes or want to improve this ships. They departed Gibraltar in the morning of the 26th. HMS Dorsetshire then proceeded to the north-north-eastward at 23 knots.

McCoy, RN is ed by an escort during her return to Rosyth. Late that night, still on the 19th, the Commander-in-Chief informed him that it was essential that he should remain at his post and that it was the expressed intention of French West Africa to fight on to victory. Still there was much uncertainty, and the rest of the day was apparently spent in waiting for news. The fall of France, 16 June On 16 Juneless then six weeks paris the invasion of France and the low countries had started on May 10th, all military resitance in France came to an end.

At noon she anchored off Manoka, in the Cameroon River, in the hope of restoring morale at Duala. They were ordered to proceed through positions 64'N, 05'W and 61'N, 05'W. The question of escort of the French fleet had thus become, almost overnight, one of vital importance, for if it passed into the hands of the enemy the whole balance of sea power would be most seriously disturbed.

It was understood that the French battleship had H. HMS Hood was to perform this task if possible but that there were a risk that the Richelieu might get away before her arrival, or if she tried to enter a neutral kola such as La Luz in the Canaries, HMS Dorsetshire was to take action.

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While these movements were going on at sea, the position at Dakar was steadily deteriorating. There drastic steps were taken to implement this policy. During the afternoon of the 20th the British Liaison Officer at Dakar reported that according to the French Admiral at Dakar the French Government had refused the German armistice terms and would continue the fight in France.

During the early afternoon he heard from the Governors of Nigeria and the Gold Coast that French officers and non-commissioned officers were planning to leave the Cameroons and to the British forces in Nigeria. Follow us on Twitter uboatnet. Admiral Wells was then ordered by the Admiralty to return to Gibraltar. Early on the 24th, therefore, the Admiralty ordered the Commander-in-Chief to proceed there as soon as possible.

Knowling, RN. The convoy arrived safely off the Norwegian coast on the 18th where it was dissolved. She made contact soon after hours and at hours reported that she was shadowing the battleship from astern. The problem of the Richelieu, June She was shadowed by an aircraft from HMS Hermes until hours. Then owning to the anticipated difficulty of maintaining French salaries and supplies if the French did not accept the British offer, the situation at Dakar rapidly deteriorated, and by the evening of the 23rd reached a critical state.

The enemy was however driven off by the escorting Hudson aircraft.

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During the night the appointment of the British Liaison Officer at Dakar was terminated. HMS Hermesby that time about nautical miles north of Dakar, was ordered to proceed southwards and return to Dakar. It was therefore policy of H. Government to prevent, at all costs, the French warships based on British and French harbours overseas from falling into the hands of Germany. In the evening the Commander-in-Chief reported to the Admiralty that French Guinea was determined to keep fighting on the British side.

This he anticipated would avoid French exasperation and mistrust.

Dallmeyer, RN with her. Seven of them returned around hours, escort had been lost. At B. Sutcliff, RNwhich were on passage to Freetown from the Western Approaches, to proceed to Dakar at full speed in order to strengthen the French morale. Graham, RN. This convoy was formed off Methill on 15 March It arrived in Norwegian waters near Bergen on 18 March Bostock, RN.

She ed the convoy the next morning but soon had to depart again due to damage she sustained in the heavy seas. Events during the Franco-German negotiations June and politics. The French kola had not trained her guns when she sighted the Dorsetshireand she expressed regret that, having no aircraft embarked, she was unable to co-operate in the search for her missing Walrus aircraft but she alled to Dakar for a French plane to assist. The bulk of the convoy arrived safely at Methill on 30 March Machin, RN departed Scapa Flow to provide paris for convoys coming down from Norway and to search for the reported German capital ships.

Relations between the two ships remained cordial. Petrie was then to proceed to Duala and call a conference. HMS Hermes then steered to the northward to be in a position to intercept if needed.

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Martin took no steps to capture her and at hours he was ordered by the Admiralty to only shadow the Richelieu. In view of her declared intention to return to Dakar, Capt. After the capture she was to be taken to Gibraltar.

HMS Escapade during the war as modified for escort duties. Bevir, RN was detailed to intercept the Jean Bart in case she would depart Casablanca and deal with her in the same way.

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They were to take every step to avoid bloodshed and to use no more force then was absolutely necessary. As the terms were not fully known the attitude of the French Navy remained uncertain. Kashmir and Kimberley then entered Scapa Flow. The bulk of the French fleet was at this time based in the Mediterranean. Early next morning, the 23rd June, the Admiralty informed the Commander-in-Chief that the French Bordeaux Government had ed an armistice with Germany.

The aircraft proceeded to shadow, but missed HMS Dorsetshire when it tried to return and in the end was forced to land on the sea at hours about 50 nautical miles to the southward of her. At first light on the 27th, HMS Hermesthen some 30 nautical miles to the southward, flew off seven aircraft to assist in the search.

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He was confident that any interference would antagonise all the local authorities and the French people in general. She left Gibraltar on the 19th with an arrival date of the 23rd. Eaton, RN. HMS Escapade Cdr. Graham, RN later ed at sea. This convoy was formed near Bergen, Norway on 18 March McLaughlin, RN from 20 to 22 March. She turned to search for her aircraft.

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It was difficult to arrive at a clear appreciation of the situation in French West-Africa but on the morning of the 19th June the Commander-in-Chief informed the Admiralty that, as the evidence pointed to an established resolve on the part of the West-African Colonies to Great Britain whatever happened, he intended to allow French troop movements to continue.

From then on the naval operations centred mainly on the battleship. She arrived at Sullom Voe later the same day.