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He is particularly concerned about how these women at the edge of society can be exploited by cruel and merciless pimps. Occasionally, she says, some of the prostitutes come into her premises. The beauty game changers everyone needs this summer Ad Feature Niall Horan looks effortlessly cool as he enjoys a very rare outing with stylish girlfriend Amelia Woolley in London Will Smith shares another shirtless snap after declaring himself 'in the worst shape of my life' Restock your daily staples and refresh your beauty bag with new launches perfect for post-lockdown life plus, get them delivered to your door so you'll have more time to have fun!

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As night drew in, girls began to emerge into the half-light, alone and in pairs. Less than a year after the MA started, one prostitute, Daria Pionko, from Poland, was battered to death in the zone. But one thing certainly is for sale: sex, on every street corner — and at very low prices. He chairs a community group and is preparing an alternative report to the one just published. This week, I travelled to Holbeck with a Daily Mail photographer. I asked her why she was here and where she was from. Well, perhaps. One mother, Nikki Hayes, has had enough. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.

Dark heart of britain's only 'legal' red light district: mark edmonds reveals how drugs, murder and human trafficking thrive in leeds street where police turn a blind eye to prostitution

It is a bold — some might say reckless — experiment that has caused deep divisions both here and among those with clear views on how prostitution might be better policed. Many looked very young, perhaps even under I later reported this to the police, who said they would investigate. The atmosphere was thoroughly depressing, many of the girls vacant-looking and walking unsteadily suggesting they were on drugswith haunted eyes and emaciated faces.

Other residents are concerned that houses on the edge of the zone have become brothels. One politician who would talk to me was independent Cllr Sarah Field.

Some defenders of the MA argue that many of the prostitutes might be doing the work anyway, so it is better to keep them in one place. And if some of its advocates get their way, it will be the first of many. I was aware of a low-key police presence and we watched a different girl, whom we believed to be a prostitute, being spoken to by the occupants of a marked police vehicle.

There is one run-down cafe, no pubs and no shops.

Sex for sale: qualitative study of male sex workers

Just 30 people were interviewed and fewer than half of those had no vested interest. It is very short on specifics — and, oddly, neither the council nor West Yorkshire Police were prepared to discuss its findings in detail. Primary schools are less than a mile away. I found plenty of locals who believe otherwise. View all. During the day, much of this area functions as an industrial estate. Share this article Share.

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She sees them as victims. But this grim area near Leeds city centre is, perhaps, not blooming as well as it might. But, far more controversially, also to the kerb crawlers, pimps and human traffickers who maintain the supply of women. The business premises have shut down, the only noise coming from the cars cruising around.

I approached one and explained I was from the Daily Mail. The cheery municipal is deed to bring a splash of colour, a frisson of optimism, to the inner-city gloom. Others were more brazen, waiting determinedly on street corners.

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One of the blokes from a local hostel was caught just near here on CCTV with a woman down on her knees. The police do not trouble them, unless officers suspect the women are in danger.

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Its verdict, which some believe to be a whitewash, is that the council and the police are doing a good job and that progress has been made in reducing the of prostitutes in the area. Supporters of the MA claim it is best to keep the women in one area where they will not trouble residents — and give them access to various welfare services.

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It was striking that no one else was on the streets — apart from ourselves, the girls and, from time to time, a few skinny young men, all wearing hoodies, looking shifty and seedy in the artificial light. There are no sanctions and no risk of conviction. What we underestimate is how many of the women actually live in Holbeck — and operate out of their homes.

List of red-light districts

And women causing fights. Even as lockdown eases, when we have only just been granted the right to visit our relatives in care homes and where extensive rules on social distancing remain in force, Holbeck is a sexual free-for-all.

A success?

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Share or comment on this article: Dark heart of Britain's only 'legal' red light district e-mail Comments Share what you think. Since the MA was introduced init has divided local opinion, bringing into focus wildly differing views about how prostitution should be looked upon by the state. But I thought of those unsavoury-looking men buzzing around the zone — and I had the sense it was all too little, too late. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Yet now, following a new report, it is set to become a permanent fixture on this benighted stretch of land.

Sex on the street for £ mum-of-two working as a prostitute takes us inside britain's legal red light district

As we spoke, several cars drove past, much to the annoyance of her friend. A whole neighbourhood of Leeds has been given over to prostitution. The square mile or so of the zone deated as a red-light district has become a dark sexual dystopia. This is bad news for so many of the nearby families whose lives have been blighted by the project. In darkness, it seems very different. Even my year-old son was propositioned by one of the girls. Over a three-hour period, the women would get into smart saloons — Audis, Range Rovers, some with blacked-out windows — and then be dropped off back at the same spot.

A pertinent question. Another critic, independent Cllr Mark Dobson, says the scheme was poorly thought-out.

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Soon after I spoke to her, I found debris, including condom wrappers, left outside on Holbeck Moor, a park used by school children. Underneath a bridge, two women — in their early 20s but looking older — were waiting. The police and the council have effectively granted an amnesty not just to the prostitutes who are, most people believe, the ultimate victims of the sex trade.

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A council spokesman explained this by claiming the council no longer had emergency enforcement powers. Her attacker, Lewis Pierre, was jailed for 22 years. That is meant to remain in force. Rev Mason firmly believes the prostitution zone has had a detrimental effect on many of the residents living nearby. Other serious assaults have taken place more recently.

Here in Britain, it is not illegal to be a prostitute, although kerb-crawling by clients, soliciting, pimping and running a brothel are crimes. But this week, the rules were being flouted — and neither the council nor the police appeared to be doing anything about it. Inside its boundaries, it is very difficult to buy a cup of tea or a pint.

However, the many residents opposed to the zone believe the MA acts as a perfect haven for traffickers. Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback.

Dark heart of britain's only 'legal' red light district

No doubt deliberately, that phrase means precisely nothing: it carries no reference to kerb-crawling, drug-taking, pimping, intimidation or any other aspects of the anti-social and criminal behaviour that blights the lives of those who live, work or go to school near the zone. During the pandemic, the city council said it was suspending the MA for the duration of lockdown.

But many families are concerned the sex trade is spilling over into the streets on which they live.