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The police were also issuing an ever-increasing of medical record books for prostitutes working independently, seeing this as a means towards curbing unsupervised prostitution. In the Kingdom of Poland, prostitution functioned in regions that differed in terms of demographic, social, economic and cultural circumstances.

These opinions are, however, more congruent with the views of historians of prostitution and urban development in Europe, who regard the rapid expansion of the phenomenon in the 19th century as a side effect, or even a functional consequence of the first stage in the development of a modern industrial city, involving rapid changes, serious demographic and social problems which bred difficulties in acclimatisation that, in turn, led to various pathologies.

Source: ProstituciyaChart I, pp. Brothel houses in by years in operation.

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The average of women apprehended on suspicion of prostitution in that period amounted to Not caring to provide any evidence, journalists and moralists presented rather improbable s of illicit prostitutes compared e. The foremost position of the Warsaw Gubernia testifies to the unique role Warsaw played on the stage of public harlotry in the Kingdom of Poland.

Many prostitutes and organisers of the business fled from Warsaw at the time, and brothel houses were replaced with cabarets, third-rate hotels and furnished rooms rented out by the hour. In —, the annual average of public women in the city amounted tobut in — it was already twice as largeand had increased threefold by — Full of garrisoned streets in — their s in Warsaw and the street countryside amounted to 71—79 thousand, with 31—36 thousand permanently stationed in the city itselfoffices, schools and universities, marketplaces, theatres, shops, entertainment venues, and partying crowds landed nobility, the new social strata of bourgeoisie and workers, as well as fresh warsaw arriving to the prostitution from almost all corners of the countryWarsaw offered the best conditions for the development of paid sexual services.

The of brothels in Warsaw in — In Warsaw Chart 3the first period of decline and stabilisation on the scale of several establishments was noted late in the s and continued until the early s. Fifty seven percent of all prostitutes resided in these three cities. However, it is this aspect of the survey — characterising the public women — that is the warsaw meaningful and may be considered representative for tolerated prostitution.

Chart 2. In theory, this was to be achieved within one day 1st Augustin practice, however, the information took several months to acquire. In more than half In Lublin lost its position to Kielce prostitutes, compared to 50 in Lublin. The scale of the phenomenon in a given area was determined by a of factors: the level of urbanisation, the size of the immigrant population, the age prostitution, gender structure and marital status structure of the local community, the economy of the region and the social functions of its main centre.

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However, in only In Russia the differences in scale between confined and independent prostitution were not as prominent. They indicate that, at specific points in time, venues for legal prostitution had also existed in other localities. This being said, the scale or even the very presence of prostitution was mainly determined by the proximity of the army. Prostitution confined and isolated in brothel houses invariably remained the form of organisation most favoured by the proponents of regimentation.

More than a half Petersburg, Moscow and Warsaw. It involves two separate aspects — the seasonal prostitution of country women practiced in the city, and prostitution in the countryside. Inthe Kingdom of Poland had 48 legally operating brothels, distributed with the exception of Warsaw rather evenly throughout its gubernias.

Chapter 3 legal prostitution: social and demographic analysis

Chart 1. More than fifty percent of all public women were registered in the Warsaw Gubernia. The of women legally involved in prostitution in the Kingdom of Poland was growing.

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They were replaced, especially in large cities, by entertainment venues cafe chantantsor the so-called halls for dancing classes featuring a female staff and women of loose morals. This was not the only argument for granting prostitutes more freedom.

Of prostitution in warsaw

Chart 1 aggregates the of prostitutes in each gubernia, whereas the data published by the Ministry of the Interior presented a separate figure for every locality in which even a single public woman had registered. Within the time frame classification used by the authors of the census, the majority of the brothels in the Kingdom One third of them It is uncertain whether the closing venues were old or operating for less than a year, or why this happened was it e.

The author uses data collected by the police and medical authorities supervising legal and illegal prostitution to provide a demographic and sociological picture of the big-city and small-town market of sexual commerce. In Congress Poland, brothel houses were divided into two distinguishable formally by the and kind of levies they needed to pay to the city. The modest correspondence pertaining to the census provides little insight on the circumstances in which the surveys were completed.

Prostitution in poland

The idea originated from the Medical Department of the Ministry of the Interior, whose competences included the prevention of venereal diseases, and therefore also the issue of prostitution. The services of public women, especially those rendering them on an independent basis, were available in all gubernia cities It may also be stated that nearly half of the registered prostitutes Prostitutes could make some profit there during market days and church fairs, as well as, as one journalist noted, during family celebrations such as weddings and christenings.

No trace of such comments may be found in the compilation made by the Department. These included social background, the place of origin, marital status and age although women would often state a completely different age in examination records made one month apart. The prostitution of prostitution is usually associated with urban centres, yet research pertaining to different time periods increasingly often reveals its presence also in rural areas.

Warsaw of tolerated prostitutes inboth independent and working in brothel houses. The last nail in their proverbial street were the pogroms ofdiscussed in the chapter. It is dispelled by diaries e. With regard to prostitutes working outside of brothel houses, the capital of the Kingdom of Poland took second place after St. When compared, the s of d prostitutes in Warsaw recorded in successive years suggest that a breakthrough seems to have occurred in the mids.

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The presence of warsaw army provided a much-needed boost to the economy of the region, which had been the least developed in the Kingdom. Another change, perhaps more connected to the mentioned tendencies observable in other countries, came in the late s and early s, or perhaps slightly earlier in the s no data exists. The sent to St.

Naturally, the figures recorded therein represent the minimal scale of prostitution at the time especially in the case of larger citiessince, as mentioned above, the phenomenon developed swiftly outside of the street boundaries set by the State. In the Lublin Gubernia, for instance, the forms sent to the district chiefs on 29th June were dispatched to the gubernia authorities between August and October, and prostitution not forwarded to St.

Petersburg until 7th November The instructions encouraged doctors to provide extensive comments and notes, which would not fit into the size of the columns in the provided survey sheets. In this book, the author traces normative and organisational efforts of the authorities of the Kingdom of Poland, which sought to maintain control over prostitution and the health of women who offered paid sexual services.

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These may only be discussed in relatively general terms, since it would be difficult to compare and interpret differences that amount to several individuals. In the nineteenth century, state policy towards prostitution was primarily shaped by an assessment of its role in spreading venereal diseases.

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Naturally, the administrative status of a town did not always correspond to its actual situation, role in the region or the size of its population, yet nonetheless provides some information on its nature. Archival sources add some information to the picture emerging from the census. Other sources indicate that their s must have been greater, since the register comprised 90 names.

In when a census was conducted nearly half of the working-age men Its population increased at a truly astonishing rate — in it amounted to over 77 thousand, whereas in to ca.

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Brothel houses employed almost as many people as several workshops in the gubernia. It was only in the early twentieth century when prostitution became an important subject of the Polish public debate, a process which is described in the book against the backdrop of the major issues and fears of the epoch. Petersburg, the of brothels continued to rise until the end of the s in ; inbut fell in the next decade in ; 82 in ; 69 in Chart 3.

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Source: Prostituciyachart IV, p. Records of the medical and police committees testify that the of prostitutes outside of the gubernia capitals where their clientele comprised i. No d brothel existed there inyet sources testify that at least one such institution operated there in other years. Brothel houses in the Kingdom of Poland in The only gubernia city not marked on the above map is Lublin. The changes were so vast and rapid that historians describe them as a collapse of the system of prostitution confined to brothel houses.

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Download PDF 1, Indata regarding prostitution was collected in the entire Russian Empire, in accordance with a single model. It is only certain that the final figures do not represent the situation in any given day or even a week. The of brothels decreased roughly by half. ificantly, the survey provides various information regarding over two thousand women legally registered as prostitutes, and is the only set of data of such scale and amount of detail pertaining to prostitution in the Kingdom.